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engineers at our company require...
... and become ...
field Experts
They work ...
... with a function in...
... while they...

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Company culture

Innovative culture: focus on new products and services. Leaders encourage their employees to be creative and proactive. Employees have a lot of freedom, take initiative, and are willing to take risks.

Hierarchical Culture: Focus on rules and procedures. Leaders coordinate and organize. Employees know what is expected of them, receive a lot of direction from above, and have job security.

Market-Oriented culture: Focus on the end product and competitors. Leaders are demanding and emphasize results and competition. Employees are competitive, performance-oriented, and goal-oriented.

Family Culture: Focus on employees and customers. Leaders act as mentors and "care" for their people. Employees work together in close-knit teams and are customer-oriented. Engagement is high.

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